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 Della Reese

July 6, 1931 – November 19, 2017

Della Reese, a legendary African American performer and pastor best known for her starring role on the CBS spiritual drama Touched by an Angel, died on Sunday at 86.

“Her signature television role came late in life,” “Reese already had been famous for decades as a gospel-influenced R&B performer, TV guest star and talk show fixture.”

The list was well known with shows like Sanford and Son,  Welcome Back, Kotter, The Love Boat, The A-Team and much more. 

“My mother took Mahalia aside and looked into her eyes and said, `I’ve got a good child here. I wouldn’t let her go off with everybody, but I trust you. I know you’re a woman of God and I’m expecting you to bring me back a better child than I’m sending away with you,'” Reese told the Tavis Smiley Show.

Her husband Franklin Lett released a statement through her Touched by an Angelcostar Roma Downey, saying that Reese “has passed away peacefully at her California home surrounded by love.”

Della Reese played, in Harlem Nights is a 1989 American black comedy crime film written, executive produced, and … features Richard Pryor,  Eddie Murphy, Michael Lerner, Danny Aiello, Redd Foxx (in his last film before his death in 1991), Della Reese, and Murphy’s brother Charlie Murphy. (Explicit Language Advisory)


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