This guide outlines what is possible and what is allowed on our platform. Our in-house creative studio is here to build great-looking, effective adverts with you to get the best out of our ad space. Please get in touch if you have any questions or need advice.

What your Advertisement needs to be

  • Responsive Your advert will be scaled and repositioned to fit the most common screen sizes
  • Calm No sudden changes, flickering effects or intrusive visuals
  • Focused Images speak louder than words – use only 1 logo and keep text under 140 characters

What your Advertisement can’t be

  • We don’t allow ads that are sexual, political or religious in nature, or ads for tobacco, drugs or gambling
  • Leave prices, discounts, disclaimers out of your wallpaper
  • Wallpapers should not use/change the We Transfer interface

istaprint is proud to empower more than 9 million micro businesses and consumers annually. Our affordable, professional options can help your business make a lasting impression.

Micro business quick facts:

Typically employ between 1-10 staffed professionals
Operate with an annual marketing budget of $1500
Often started at very low costs and on a part-time basis
Attract entrepreneurs who prefer making their own decisions, taking smart risks

In fact, it’s these businesses which represent Vistaprint’s core customers. By utilizing smart products to look even more professional in a competitive marketplace, Vistaprint can help give your business that extra boost.

What types of businesses use Black AMerica WOrld News?

Locally run businesses as well as National Organizations (Companies)
Businesses averaging about 60 customers
Small office/home office businesses (or SOHO businesses)

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