Chicago Activist Will Demand Justice For Theresa Bunn and Over 51 Women Murdered Due to a Serial Killer

By Gregg L.Greer,  Editor @greer_gregg,| The FrontPage

B.A.W.N- CHICAGO On Friday April 26, 2019 at 3:00 p.m. Activist will demand accountability for a growing list of murdered when who at experts believe have fallen victim to a serial killer. The activist are Demanding Chicago Law Enforcement, city officials and the local FBI Leadership to react with a sense of Urgency.

More than 10 years later, the two cases remain unsolved. But in addition to those two murders, there have been many others. According to a recent report by The Chicago Tribune, there were 51 strangulation murders of women that went unsolved between 2001 and 2017.  

Black America World News Theresa Bunn cold case

Along with many other horrific cases the group notes the tragic of Theresa Bunn said that the 21-year-old expectant mother who was eight-months pregnant, Theresa had already named an unborn son, Michael Pierre Terry Bunn when, on November 12, 2007, Theresa’s body was found in a dumpster near Washington Park in Chicago. 

She was nude, her body was badly burned, and she had been strangled. Theresa could only be identified through dental records, and because of the condition of her remains, her family decided to hold a vigil in her honor in lieu of a funeral. Family, friends, and mourners gathered together at the place where Theresa’s body was found.

“To me, this is her last place,” said Anthony McCray, Theresa’s father. “It shouldn’t be here. They took our baby and burned her like she was garbage.”

The group urges the CPD to react following a report by the Virginia-based Murder Accountability Project, a nonprofit group that analyzes information about homicides, which argued that the 51 killings —  in which most of the victims died by asphyxiation — bore the “characteristics of a serial murderer.”

The group also states that this begins progressive efforts for city officials to acknowledge missteps and lack of investigation due to what it believes are missteps and lack of effort in urban, black and poor communities in Chicago are pushing for results. In addition the group believes that the public needs this information for public safety.

About the Event. Friday June 26th 3:00PM:


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