By Gregg L.Greer,  Editor @greer_gregg,| The Enterprise

B.A.W.N (Menlo Park, CA) Millions of Facebook and Instagram users turned to Twitter to express their exasperation about the social media networks’ massive failure. The social networking platform used by billions worldwide, went down Wednesday. The crash affected WhatsApp and Instagram as well. 

While many users’ observations and concerns seemed in reality minor, there are very real economic ramifications for other due to the fact that three of the world’s largest social media networks being offline for a significant amount of time.

Facebook later confirmed the problem was not the result of a DDoS attack, which refers to a Distributed Denial-of-Service attack in which a hacker overwhelms a site by flooding it with fake traffic. 

The cascading effect of global network failures may bring back haunting memories of May 2, 2016.  The outage strikes a blow to businesses that frequent and depend on the page for sharing information. For example thousands of nonprofits around the country had encouraged their supporters to make contributions on this one day — and when Austin-based crowdfunding platform Kimbia crashed, the company’s entire business model took a PR hit it would never recover from.


While today’s sustained outages of Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram certainly will not lead to an acquisition by a competing social network, for a handful of nonprofits around the country, there are some relevant parallels, that other may begin to look at.

On a separate note, Facebook is now a criminal Investigation in a separate case. A New York grand jury has subpoenaed records from at least two smartphone manufacturers as part of a criminal investigation into Facebook’s data deals with large technology companies. (glg)


Gregg L. Greer is a Public Speaker, Pastor, Social Scientist, and the Editor of the One World internet journal. Greer is the Founder of Freedom First International a human rights NGO, also Black America World News. Greer has written extensively about American politics, civil rights, and the intersection of social justice and politics. Gregg l. Greer is the Founder of Black America World News.  His stories have also appeared in The Huffington Post, CNN.Greer writes commentary on Apolitical America, MSNBC Online and others.  Listen to his radio podcast at OneWorld Talks -if you are interestehd in interviews  from him and others of the brightest minds today, you can email him at  oneworldtoday@gmail.com His website is www.gregglgreer.com

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