The Unmasking of Benjamin Netanyahu

By Gregg L.Greer,  Editor @greer_gregg,| The International

A Pending Criminal Indictment may be the Hardest Blow to Benjamin Netanyahu’s Political Career.

BAWN-(ISRAEL)  This past week the country was shocked to hear news from Israel that the countries Attorney General intends to indict Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in three separate corruption cases.

While Netanyahu is in an uncomfortable position. On one side of the issue is Attorney General Avichai Mendelblit, who said in a recent statement- “The attorney general’s office has reached this decision after thoroughly examining the evidence.

Picture shows calm in the face of Political Unrest in Israel|
Picture shows calm in the face of Political Unrest in Israel|

 So what is the evidence-Israels Attorney General has produced? Well, the officials allege that they have devastating evidence of a protracted campaign by the prime minister to subvert a large section of Israels free media, which is an illicit intervention by the prime minister to benefit complicit media moguls and obviously himself.

The media subversion charge is the second of the multiple cases against 
Netanyahu, the prime minister argues, he held unremarkable, above-board discussions with the publisher of the country’s biggest-selling newspaper and most-read news site, he never turned the coverage into a deal for quid pro quo for himself or anyone else.

According to legal researchers not only is it illegal on it’s face but when high level public officials make promises for majority media coverage it effectively undermines the democratic election process. 

In fact, two years of meticulous investigation, carried out by the police and overseen by the state prosecution, has produced devastating evidence of a protracted illegal campaign by the prime minister. The attorney generals office further entrenched themselves- In a recent statement made to Israeli news media:

It is entirely legitimate for a criminal suspect to assert his or her innocence. It is irresponsible and dangerous, as prime minister, to seek, in the process, to weaken public confidence in the institutions of democracy is precisely what Netanyahu has been doing.  

Loyalist on the side of Netanyahu are dismissing the claims from Mandelblit, the Netanyahu-appointed attorney general and Israel’s top legal officer, has indeed capitulated to pressure from the left and the media in announcing the intention to charge-when, in Netanyahu’s telling, “there is no case for him to answer for,” as he urges his innocence. 

Trump and Netanyahu are Allies in many joint policies | 

Netanyahu’s investigation is almost strikingly similar to the U.S. current investigation of Donald J. Trump who is a close associate of Netanyahu , but just like Trump’s seemingly racial issues with the immigrants on the Mexican border, Netanya faces serous racially charged issues as well. Facts would show that the Ethiopian community in Israel at present numbers about 135,000 people. 

For Ethiopians in Israel, racism and discrimination have been the name of the game. Almost as similar to 1940’s Jim Crow America- Obstacles to a reasonably gratifying existence have included curtailed educational and employment opportunities, with many children forced into what has in recent years often amounted to a segregated school systems, police harassment, and in many instances of Israeli police brutality against the Ethiopian community, have  triggered street protests, to which police responded with stun grenades, water cannons and other harmful material. 

More serious are the concerns of possible charges of ethnic cleaning. A charge not yet associated with the current investigation, but the lasting concerns and undertones are readily known the region.

Ethiopian Jews arrested at rally over racism in Israel | News | Al Jazeera

According to the British Independent, The Right Wing Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in 2012 “warned that illegal immigrants from Africa ‘threaten our existence as a Jewish and democratic state.’”but according to detractors- you can’t threaten something that doesn’t exist in the first place.  

While Benjamin Netanyahu may have a steep battle ahead which even includes an election challenge-Most researchers feel that Mr. Netanyahu’s era is quickly coming to an end, they say Ben has finally become unmasked. The world will soon see the end results of this debate. (glg)

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